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This sub-compact tractor could be the most versatile tool you’ll ever need

Owning a cottage or rural property isn’t all relaxation and drinks on the dock—there’s often a long list of outdoor chores and projects to do year-round. And we all know that the easier you make those tasks, the more time you can spend enjoying your weekends.

One tool that could be a game changer, especially if you often find yourself spending many hours on gardening, landscaping, and property maintenance, is the new Kubota BX23S Tractor Loader Backhoe.

You don’t have to be a farmer or a large property owner to take advantage of this versatile, hard-working tractor, already the most popular sub-compact tractor loader backhoe (TLB) in Canada. At any cottage or rural property, the operator-friendly BX23S can assist you and your family with a wide variety of tasks year-round, from digging and snow blowing to moving mulch and clearing brush. It’s a smart purchase that can easily replace multiple tools and machines that are currently taking up space in your storage shed or barn at the cottage.

Whether you’re looking to start a new landscaping project or for a way to make everyday outdoor maintenance tasks easier and quicker, you can look to Kubota BX-Series tractors for true versatility. Here are just some of the features that make it perfect for rural property maintenance.

Intuitive backhoe and loader attachment

Speaking of backhoe attachments, they’re a lot less fun when fixing them to the frame is more work than just grabbing a shovel to move a pile of garden mulch. The BX23S solves that problem with its loader and backhoe attachment, which lets you remove the loader, including the hydraulic connections, from the comfort of your seat. Plus, it uses a no-spill coupler to minimize spillage and keep the hydraulics clean. The front loader valve also makes operations more intuitive and flexible by allowing the operator to raise or lower the boom while curling or dumping the bucket. The K-Connect four-point hitch also makes it just as easy to affix crucial cottage attachments like the snow blower.

Backlit panel and ergonomic controls

We all love a good book when we’re at the lake, but the last thing we want is to have our noses buried in a complicated instruction manual when there are chores to be done. The BX23S’s intuitive panel was designed with the operator in mind and specifically engineered to meet your needs, as its ergonomically placed levers make tasks a cinch. And since it’s backlit, you’ll be able to finish whatever needs to be done, even when the sun recedes behind the pines across the lake.

Higher clearance for a rugged landscape

Tricky terrain in cottage country can put some garden tractors out to pasture. Tripping over roots, rocks, and stumps is no joke, and it’s equally tough for a tractor with low ground clearance. But with up to 8.4 inches of clearance, the BX23S rolls easily over any rugged rural property, navigates heavily wooded areas and rough terrain, and is easy to get in and out of. And with the backhoe removed it’s no longer than most sub-compact tractors, making it easy to maneuver around an unwieldy landscape.

Ergonomic, reversible seat

We’d all rather be in our shaded hammock feeling the breeze of the lake, but if you’ve got work to do, the Kubota BX23S’s deluxe high-back seat is the next best option for comfort. It reclines for just the right posture, and its adjustable armrests keep your shoulders happy. Even better, it rotates so that you’re just as comfortable when it’s time to move some land with the backhoe.

Ease of operation

We’ve all felt stiff after a day of bouncing over wakes on a PWC, and sleeping on most cottage mattresses doesn’t make matters any better. Luckily, the BX23S features a front K-Connect, giving you the ability to work travelling forward when installing or removing attachments such as a hitch or snowblower. Once this component is added to the tractor, the hitch can be added or removed without any tools required, making it perfect for any job you may be tackling.

If you’re ready to change up your outdoor maintenance routine at your recreational property, and find more time for relaxation, it’s time to upgrade to a multi-tasking tool that is equal parts effective and versatile. Learn more about the Kubota BX23S at kubota.ca.