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These portable power stations are perfect for your cottage and beyond

Bluetti portable power station

Whether you’re camping off-grid or spending the weekend at a cottage with unreliable power, a portable power station can be a game changer, and Bluetti, a leader in portable power stations in Canada, is launching two new products on February 2nd. Joining the extensive catalogue of AC charging stations are the new heavy-duty AC200L and the entry-level AC2A.

Bluetti’s products offer reliable means of power. Whether you’re planning your next canoe trip or camping excursion, or you just want sustainable backup power for your cottage or cabin, Bluetti has what you need. The wide catalogue of AC power stations are the perfect way to have all the portable power you need during unexpected power outages.

To kickstart 2024, Bluetti is launching the AC200L and AC2A. Both are designed to complement the brand’s existing line of products. With leading capacities and outputs, Bluetti’s latest products are a worthy addition to your cottage-opening checklist this season.

Joining the fray is the AC200L. The new power station features a 2,048Wh capacity and 2,400W output through its LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery. Bluetti says the new unit supports a 3,600W surge capacity when applying its Power Lifting mode. For fast charging, the AC200L can charge a device at 2,400W to reach 80 per cent in roughly 45 minutes. The company says a full charge takes two hours. Alternatively, a two-hour charge can also be reached by way of the 1,200W PV via solar power.

The Bluetti AC200L can provide 75 hours of power to a 1,500W heater during a power outage or unexpected heat loss. A 60W MacBook can receive continuous power for upwards of 31 hours, so users can continue to work without disruptions. Plus, a 1,200W Keurig machine can brew up to 31 cups of coffee on a single charge cycle of the AC200L. 

Users will also find that the AC200L offers four 120V/20A power outlets and a 120V/30A NEMA TT-30 AC outlet. There are also two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, featuring 100W and 18W support, respectively. Finally, the AC200L provides one 48V DC and a 12V/10A DC outlet. This means you can safely and securely charge your smartphone or laptop while powering appliances like a coffee maker or electric grill.

Customers can also use the Bluetti mobile app to control the various modes (ECO, UPS mode, Power Lifting, etc.) The app also monitors the current charge of the batter and other integral information in real-time.

The AC200L includes flexible options to expand the power provided. The new power station is compatible with the Bluetti B210, B230 and B300, each offering expanded power and potential. For example, if the AC200L is connected with up to two B300 units, users can extend the 3,072Wh capacity to 8,192Wh. With one B230, the AC200L supports a 4096Wh capacity.

Bluetti’s AC200L is available from February 2nd to February 18th in Canada at a launch price of $1,899. After which the AC200L can be purchased for $2599. Cottage Life readers can get $50 off by using code “cottage50.

Bluetti’s AC2A is also launching in Canada. The super-portable unit can provide a 300W AC output with a maximum of 600W via its Power Lifting mode. In addition, users will find endless uses for the 270W Turbo mode charging, capable of delivering an 80 per cent charge in 45 minutes. With its LiFePO4 lithium iron phosphate battery, Bluetti claims the unit can provide over 3,000 charge cycles. 

As far as power is concerned, appliances such as a 150W blender can be powered for 60 continuous minutes. The AC2A can power a 20W Bluetooth speaker system for roughly five and a half hours, according to Bluetti. Alternatively, a 50W laptop can also be powered for just shy of three hours in total.

The AC2A offers two 120V/2.5A power outlets. There is also one USB-C port and two USB-A ports, featuring 100W and 12W support, respectively. Finally, the AC2A provides a 12V/10A DC outlet. Much like the AC200L, this power station also includes support for the Bluetti app. Users can access a variety of remote monitoring and control features.

The notable standout of the AC2A is its size and portability. Bluetti ensured the unit is easy to bring in a car or even on a small boat. The AC2A weighs around 7.9 pounds and measures 9.8x6.1x6.8 inches. It’s light and small enough that it can fit on a counter at the cottage. It’s also a phenomenal option to keep in a closet in the event of a power outage, and it provides quiet operations of less than 45 dB.

The Bluetti AC2A is available from February 2nd to February 18th in Canada at a launch price of $249. After which the portable power station can be purchased for $349.

Looking for portable or backup power to make your cottage weekends more convenient and reliable? Learn more about Bluett’s portable power stations at bluettipower.ca.