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The Cottage Life guide to luxury fall living

For those looking to avoid the annual pause that the weather brings to Canadian life, the Cottage Life Guide to Luxury Fall Living will ensure that you’ll continue living your best life. From the ideal weekend escape to the perfect whisky, this is your guide to enjoying fall to the fullest.

Heated patios and seasonal menus 

Many things have been called “food for the soul” over the years, but is there really anything as soul soothing as food for the soul? 

There’s no better time to sit on a patio than the fall. With the heaters turned on, you have the chance to witness animals stockpiling for the winter, leaves gently drifting through the air, and best of all, the food that comes with the season. 

For a great seasonal dining experience, look no further than Ravine Vineyard. Less than 40 minutes from Port Colborne, this farm-to-table restaurant serves up the freshest ingredients throughout the year. With ever-rotating menus, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise with every visit, and you’ll leave feeling warmer both inside and out. 

If your cottage isn’t in the Niagara region, have no fear. The patio experience is more popular than ever, and with farm-to-table offering unrestricted access to ingredients, this is the best way to ensure a luxurious dining experience. 

Talisker campfire hot chocolate 

Time has proven that there’s nothing as soothing as hot chocolate after a cool day adventuring outdoors, and to provide that extra level of warmth, Talisker Scotch Whisky is the perfect partner. 

As the oldest distillery on the Isle of Skye, Talisker embraces the rugged Skye island elements and proximity to the sea that created this unique scotch. Bursting with the famous sweet smokiness, there are surprising subtle notes of black pepper, yet rounded with a smooth finish, it captures the spirit of its island home perfectly.

Grab an alpaca blanket, light the fire, and try this recipe for the Talisker campfire hot chocolate to enjoy this perfect pairing.


  • 2oz Talisker 10-year-old whisky 
  • 2oz Hot water 
  • 60g Dark chocolate 
  • 5oz milk (or oat milk) 
  • 1 tbsp dark chocolate powder 
  • 0.5oz golden syrup 
  • Cinnamon or allspice 


  1. Add chocolate to a milk-steaming jug. Then add chocolate hot water and stir. 2. Add the other ingredients. 
  2. Steam to heat. Then mix and froth the milk. 
  3. Serve in a mug and garnish with a large marshmallow on a stick, toasted over a flame. 5. Dust with cinnamon or allspice. 

Tiny home excursion 

Tiny homes have been all the rage, and though living in them isn’t for everyone, spending the weekend in one should be high on your list of luxury activities. 

What’s the appeal of a tiny home? Aside from the cozy atmosphere and aesthetic appeal, a tiny home offers everything you need away from civilization without any unnecessary cottage clutter. It’s an environment that captures the essence of what felt so relaxing about cottaging in the first place: connecting. 

The Juniper Cabin offers a chance to connect with nature, your partner, and yourself. Located 15 minutes from the historic town of Perth, Ont., the cabin purposely forgoes wifi, instead opting to provide easy access to natural light, a daybed, and plenty of outdoor space to explore. 

Cottage spa experience

Whether you need a massage to relieve your stress, or just to lessen the cold creeping into your muscles, enjoying a session no longer requires driving kilometres out of your way to a spa. 

There are many services that offer mobile massage. Finding one is as simple as searching for in-home massage therapy with your postal code. Most services don’t require a travel fee, so while the experience certainly will feel luxurious, the price won’t be. 

With the option to have your massage outside, the sounds of the lake add a new level of authenticity to the usual tranquil sounds found in a spa. 

Grab your jacket, a blanket, and a glass, and enjoy the autumn season to its fullest.