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Simplify your summer projects with these four battery-powered tools

We’re lucky to experience all four seasons in most of Canada, but why is it that summer feels so much shorter than the others? The sunny weekends of summer are so close we can taste them, yet they’ll fade into a brisk fall before we can blink.

That’s why we need to make the most of every second we spend at the cottage during our too-short summers. And that’s also why you should choose the right battery-powered tool platform to make short work of your upcoming projects.

To help you make the most of every sunny day, here are four battery-powered tools from Greenworks that make summer projects breeze by. As part of the full suite of Greenworks tools, they give you the convenience of using one battery across multiple tools, and they save you from weaving unwieldy cords around your cottage property.

Drill/driver combo

We all want hot, sunny weekends at the cottage—until it’s time for a midday project. Summer’s the perfect time to keep the outdoor projects short so you can finish early while it’s still cool out). And many simple projects, whether you’re replacing a deck board or installing new dock cleats, will call for a fully charged drill/driver combo. The 24V Brushless Drill/Driver and Impact Driver from Greenworks are both lightweight and compact with all the torque you could need, and their built-in LED light makes it easy to complete tasks after the sun sets when it’s a bit cooler.

Drain auger

Summer holidays mean your cottage calendar is booked with guests galore. And while that’s ideal for a rowdy game of after-dinner cribbage, it’s less promising for your overworked cottage plumbing. We all have horror stories of backups and blockages from when rookie guests flushed things they shouldn’t, so the 24V Drain Auger from Greenworks is a must. Its two-way feeding mechanism guides the cable down and back up drains automatically, and its cable lock keeps the cable in place for difficult clogs. Its adjustable power and flexible shaft also let it accommodate multiple drains and pipe configurations, including S and L pipes.

Portable shop fan

Your cottage shed is cramped enough. So if you’re going to invest in a tool, it’s best to make sure it has plenty of uses. A portable, compact shop fan like the battery-powered Greenworks 24V Fan is the perfect example. It has five powerful speeds and a 360-degree rotating head, and it’s portable enough to keep you cool wherever you’re working or relaxing. And here’s our favourite fan tip for the cottage: the wings of a mosquito are useless against a decent breeze, so keep the fan close by when you’re reading or entertaining during their peak pestering hours.

Cordless stick vacuum

Summer means guests. Guests usually mean kids. And kids mean there’s always a mess to clean up somewhere in your cottage. Keep crumbs from attracting bugs and critters into your kitchen with the 24V Brushless Cordless Stick Vacuum from Greenworks. Its quick-charging battery (just 30 minutes for a full charge) and three fade-free power modes make it easy and convenient to use without the hassle of tripping over cords, so you can quickly clean up and get back to the hammock. It’ll also save you from having to lug out your trusty wet-dry vac for smaller messes.

Ready to accomplish more at your cottage? Learn more about the complete suite of Greenworks battery-powered tools.