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How a cellular signal booster can keep you connected at the cottage and beyond

There’s a myth in cottage country that we want to disconnect when we’re at the lake. Sure, spending a weekend in nature without worrying about work emails, Facebook notifications, and phone calls from in-laws sounds good in theory, but the reality is that we all crave more time at the cottage. Many of us even live in cottage country full time, which means we need to stay connected to work, family, and especially emergency services. 

Unfortunately, the remote landscape that we love doesn’t lend itself to great smartphone reception. No one wants to see cell towers rising above the silhouette of conifers across the lake, but being too far from towers drastically weakens your signal, leading to scant coverage, dropped calls, and treks into town to have a clear conversation. Hills, trees, and lakeside granite walls also stymie your signal, as do humidity, cloud cover, thunder, and rain.

For anyone who wants to remain connected at the cottage, or in any remote area, a Canadian-made cellular signal booster from Smoothtalker can be a game changer. Below you’ll find just a few of the ways it can make life easier at the lake and beyond. And for a free site review to determine which signal booster will work best for your cottage, RV, or boat, visit smoothtalker.com/myhomesignal.

In your cottage or rural home

Smart-home devices can go a long way to making your cottage more comfortable and secure. In a connected cottage, you can monitor your property during the offseason, control your water system, adjust your thermostat before you arrive, and give remote access to guests who pick a faster route than you in the Friday rush. But all of those devices have one thing in common: they require a strong connection to be of any use. Whether you’re making a call or using your hotspot to finish up a project, a Smoothtalker Stealth X6 home and building booster can give you ample coverage throughout your entire cottage.

On the road in your RV

From the Icefields Parkway between Jasper and Banff to Algonquin’s stunning Highway 60, Canada boasts some of the most picturesque drives on the planet. With all that wide-open wild space between our towns and cities, it’s no wonder that RVing has captured the hearts of open-road adventurers. But while modern RVs are brimming with amenities that make traversing the Trans-Can more comfortable, you’ll never feel safe in remote areas if you don’t have a clear smartphone signal. With the portable, easy-to-install RV X6 Xtube PRO from Smoothtalker, you can have full coverage for multiple users throughout your entire motorhome, even when you’re 50 kilometres from the nearest tower.

On the water

You might not expect to have good reception in the middle of Georgian Bay, but a Smoothtalker marine booster can reduce dropped calls and keep your data transfer skimming along at a speedboat pace, regardless of the size of your vessel. Users include everyone from the Canadian Coast Guard to remote fishing tours like Epic Waters in Northern BC, so you can be sure you’ll stay connected on your cottage lake.

On the job site

If your job takes you on the road—and occasionally off the blacktop—staying connected to HQ and your customers is crucial. And while field workers are no strangers to cell boosters, they’re equally accustomed to dropped calls, slow data transfer, and muffled conversations. With a Smoothtalker Mobile X6 wireless booster, you can have complete coverage throughout your vehicle, all without a physical connection to your phone, even when you’re up to 50 kilometres from the nearest tower.

Want to learn which Smoothtalker booster kit is right for your cottage or rural home? Complete a free site review at smoothtalker.com/myhomesignal.

You can also learn more about Smoothtalker solutions at the Spring Cottage Life Show. Please visit Booth #1223 to receive a chance to win a Cellular Signal Booster for your cottage, RV, Trailer, boat, etc.

“Our cottage is on St. Margaret Island on St. Nora Lake, just south of Dorset on Hwy 35. It’s water access, and our cell signal has been bad for years, but we never knew what was the best cell booster to buy. We provided Smoothtalker our information to their Site Review Service Team, and they responded with the best home/cottage booster solution, plus information about the cellular network in our area for our specific carrier. They also provided installation advice, and I was able to install it myself in an hour. Now we have the safety and security of always being connected, and we can call our neighbours and any emergency support we might need. Now all our neighbours would like a system like ours, and the team at Smoothtalker has taken care of many of them as well.”

—Bruce W, St. Nora Lake, Haliburton Highlands, Ontario