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Do mosquitoes target certain family members?

Mosquito season is upon us.

Everyone that spends time outdoors has to contend with mosquitoes, but some people seem to attract them more than others. 

That bites.

Is there a reason certain family members attract them more than others?

What attracts mosquitoes?

There are three main factors that attract mosquitoes: heat, carbon dioxide emissions, and body odour.

While you can’t eliminate these entirely, there are a few things you can do to make yourself a little less buzzworthy.


Assuming they aren’t running around constantly, your kids are the least likely to be targeted by mosquitoes.

Young children don’t tend to produce as much natural body odour as their older siblings, and because they are smaller, they don’t produce as much heat.

So why might mosquitoes be targeting your kids? It might be genetics.

There are hundreds of chemical compounds on human skin that can attract or repel mosquitoes, and every person’s mixture is different. The sad fact is that some people are just more attractive to mosquitoes than others.

For example, if you have type B blood, you couldn’t B more lucky. If you have type O blood though, O no. 

It sucks, but it’s true.


If you’ve noticed that the teens in your household are getting bitten more this season than in years past, there’s a reason.

Mosquitoes love strong pheromones, and with all of the chemical changes that take place with puberty, teenagers are prime targets.

After spending a day in the sun, make sure that everyone washes up to get rid of any body odour, especially in areas that are known to build up bacteria such as ankles and behind the ears.


For all you parents out there, the good news is that you aren’t past your prime. The bad news is that you’re very attractive to blood-sucking insects.

While you probably shower more regularly now than you did when you were 15, you might partake in an activity that’s perfectly suited for a date with our winged friends: drinking alcohol.

If you occasionally enjoy a glass of wine by the fire, you’re practically inviting mosquitoes to join in the festivities.

Alcohol causes your blood vessels to dilate, bringing your blood closer to the surface of your skin, making you appear warmer. This is an evening you don’t want to get heated.

Drinking alcohol has another side effect that can attract mosquitoes, though this one is behavioural instead of physiological. When people drink, they become more animated. Mosquitoes are able to spot moving targets better than those that are still.

We don’t want to be a buzzkill, but if you want to keep your skin bite free, kill the buzz.

How can you stop it?

If mosquitoes are still itching to get a bite, you don’t need to avoid sunsets, alcohol, and bodies of water.

The folks at GREEN STRIKE looked at the current mosquito solutions and decided to start from scratch.

They’ve created a family of products that don’t require chemicals. No sprays, and no scented products means that it’s the safest and most sustainable solution for both you and the environment.

From mosquito zappers to their 2-in-1 mosquito flashlight, GREEN STRIKE offers products that will protect your entire family.

The GREEN STRIKE Mosquito Preventer is a perfect option for the cottage. By attracting mosquitoes with their patented lure, the Preventer creates an artificial breeding ground that captures all of the eggs and kills them before they hatch. It’s able to reduce mosquito populations by up to 70% in a half-acre radius.

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Check out green-strike.com for more information on how you can stop bites at the cottage this summer.