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A whole-home vacation rental for all seasons

We all know that summer is about time on or in the water, but what about the other seasons? Many vacation homes on Vrbo Canada are three-season properties or available year-round, and you can typically find a wider selection, lower prices, and shorter or no minimum stay requirements for bookings outside of peak travel months like July and August.  

For renters looking for the ultimate “together” experience during non-peak times, here’s what to look for and consider, season by season.


Whether you’re looking for a long weekend getaway or a week-long retreat, fall can offer many of summer’s top attractions and great cottage rentals at a fraction of the cost, particularly if schedules are flexible. Depending on the month and weather, some outdoor pools could still be open for the season, and lakes may be warm enough to swim in, or at least suitable for boating and fishing. 

For any shoulder-season rentals, be sure to read the listing carefully to see which of the listed amenities and activities will be available for your desired dates. You might have to message the host if you have specific questions about fall visits, especially if there aren’t many details, photos, or reviews online for the time of year you’d be visiting. You’ll want to find out, for example, whether there’s a heat source and heavy blankets for colder days, and whether there are great spots nearby for fall-colour peeping, fly fishing, or other activities that your family may enjoy doing together.   


There are fewer vacation homes available for rent during the winter, especially in and around cottage country and other rural areas. But families that book a cold-weather getaway can find great deals for cozy retreats with features such as outdoor hot tubs or saunas, indoor fireplaces and scenic spots on the property for winter hiking and snowshoeing. Just be sure to confirm the range of amenities and attractions that will be available for your family on your travel dates, both in and around the property. Consider asking whether most shops and restaurants in the area will be open, if there are public skating spots or tobogganing hills nearby, and whether the hot tub is operational year-round. 

If your family loves snow sports, it’s possible to find rentals in, or just minutes from, popular ski destinations such as Collingwood, Mont-Tremblant and Whistler. On Vrbo, you can filter search results specifically for vacation homes that are ski-in/ski-out, or close to winter activities like skiing and snowboarding.


Depending on the specific month, springtime rentals can be similar to ones in the fall in terms of benefits and potential limitations.There are vacation homes that offer, or are close to, activities such as cycling, fishing, horseback riding, tennis and golf—all activities that can often be enjoyed in early to mid-spring. Keep in mind as you do your search that smaller lakes and those with shallow water will typically warm up earlier in the year than larger, deep, or moving bodies of water.

Finally, before you book a spring cottage rental, ask hosts if they know the typical opening dates in the area for businesses and attractions. A larger city or town may be open year-round, while some smaller tourist areas may not kick off the season until the Victoria Day long weekend.

Want to embrace the ultimate “together” experience this season? Learn more about renting a cottage with the help of Vrbo.