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7 ways a security camera system can enhance your cottage experience

Cottage Security Cameras Photo by Alessandro Cancian

We go to the cottage to unwind—to escape from the bustle of the city and lose ourselves in a good book by the water. The cottage is supposed to be a safe place, a haven for your holidays. But that’s not always the case.

Since you’re not always there to monitor what’s going on, things can go wrong while you’re away. Break-ins—of both the human and critter variety—are unfortunately common. And so while many cottagers prefer to use less technology while they’re at the lake, a Lorex security camera system could be a worthwhile exception. Here are just a few reasons why.

Monitor for break-ins

Even the most dedicated cottager has to spend time away from the cottage, and while burglary shouldn’t be a constant worry, it’s something that happens, especially during the off-season. A camera security system, like Lorex’s night vision-equipped four-camera setups, will keep an eye on your property when you aren’t around to do it yourself. They’re easy to set up and even easier to monitor, thanks to intuitive smartphone apps and 24/7 service.

Check your property for damage during the off-season

Didn’t have time to close up properly before an early winter storm? A cottage camera system means you can check in on your property remotely, giving you a clean look at whether your home-away-from-home held up to the ravages of increasingly unpredictable weather.

See when family arrives

Whether you’re giving your kids the keys for the first time or running to the store before your guests arrive, a cottage camera system can be an instant relief. They’re also a benefit if you rent your cottage out; maybe the couple you rented it to brought “a few” extra friends, or maybe your hidden key went missing. Consider the camera your lead detective on the case.

Capture memories

More than ever, we’re prepared with a camera in hand thanks to our smart devices. But since smartphones and cottages don’t always mix, a cottage camera system can help you capture them. Imagine capturing a marriage proposal discreetly on camera—or using one to wait for the guest of honour during a surprise party.

Live the cottage life, remotely

Can’t make it north for the meteor shower? Or do you just miss your cottage’s picture-perfect sunsets? A Lorex camera positioned in the right spot can be the perfect way to live the cottage life, even when you can’t. It’s not quite as great as the real thing, but watching the sun set over the water when you’re stuck late at the office is a decent consolation prize.

Keep those critters out

It’s happened to all of us, and while it can be funny in hindsight, there’s nothing amusing about chasing a squirrel around your cottage kitchen with a broom, let alone worrying about bigger creatures like bears. A cottage camera isn’t necessarily going to stop a critter from getting in, but it can help you figure out how they did it in the first place. It’s never been easier to see how that chipmunk ended up in your living room.

Lower insurance premiums

Depending on the company you deal with, having a camera security system can actually help lower your insurance premiums, even indirectly. Studies have shown that properties with visible cameras are up to 300 percent less likely to be burglarized. How’s that for peace of mind?