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6 ways to make the most of the lake this summer

Whether you’ve just bought your first boat or you’re a lifelong cottager who grew up spending summers on the water, you know there’s a special kind of excitement that only boating can offer. But boaters, just like everyone else, are creatures of habit. So it’s easy to fall into the same old routine of treating your boat like cottage transportation instead of a way to transport yourself to the kinds of thrilling summer adventures that only Canada can offer.

To help you get the most from your boat this summer, we partnered with Canada’s own BoatDealers.ca for some fresh tips that will breathe some life into your boating experiences.

Check a boating hotspot off your bucket list

We’re all partial to the lake we spend most summer weekends on, but one of the best parts of owning a boat is exploring new places without the hassle of highway traffic. From the maze-like passageways of Georgian Bay’s 30,000 Islands to the historic locks of the Rideau Canal, Ontario is brimming with brilliant boating opportunities.

Upgrade to the perfect boat for you and your family

Whether you’re buying your first boat, or you’ve got a mean case of “boat fever” and you’re jonesing for an upgrade, spend some time on your decision, because there’s guaranteed to be a type and model that’s perfect for you and your crew. Think about how you want to use it, how many passengers you’ll want to take out, and how you’ll be storing it. And definitely be honest with yourself about your budget. There are plenty of resources to help you with your boat-buying journey, but start at BoatDealers.ca, a site that will not only help you make the right choice, but will also help you sell your current boat.

Dive deeper into watersports

It’s fun to be the captain, but sometimes it’s even more fun to be behind the boat, skipping over the wake on your towable of choice. Tubing is a no-brainer for kids and rookies, but waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing are other surefire ways to tow some thrills into your summer on the lake.

Be ready for anything

Conditions on the water change quickly, so your best bet for staying safe while boating is to be prepared—and we don’t just mean having enough PFDs for everyone on board. Since weather conditions on the water are different than on land—especially if you’re skimming along at a decent clip, be sure to overdress. You can always remove layers if needed. Always make sure you have plenty of snacks, water, sunscreen, and extra sunglasses for your passengers, and bring sealable bags for everyone’s smartphones. And be sure to stay glued to the weather leading up to an excursion. You’re better off staying ashore and wishing you’d gone out than taking a chance on a trip and wishing you’d stayed on land.

Invite someone new along for the ride.

At its heart, boating is a social activity, but there’s no need for it to be an insider’s club. Share the experience with someone who’s new to the water. Just be sure to listen to them rather than calling all the shots. They might find the water too choppy, or they might be eager to try fishing. Try to ensure they have an enjoyable time, because even if you were too young to remember the first time your parents took you out on the lake, you’ll get to experience the joy of boating again for the first time through their experience.

Embrace the latest boating news and advice

If you love boating as much as we do, you know the rush of attending a boat show (in comfortable shoes, of course). The industry always has something new on the horizon, but with boating shows and industry events temporary moored due to COVID-19, you might be feeling out of the loop. So to stay in touch with the boating community, visit BoatBlurb.com for news and insights from the water.


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