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6 factors that make your cottage a magnet for mosquitoes

We already know that mosquitoes love laying their eggs near bodies of water, but we’re not giving up weekends at the lake any time soon. That said, there are plenty of other places at your cottage that could be making your mosquito problem even worse. To kick mosquitoes to the curb, pay special attention to the places below. And for all the areas where you can’t prevent them from breeding, a Thermacell Mosquito Repeller lets you create a 15-foot zone of mosquito protection without any spray or odour.

Surprising sources of standing water

Mosquito eggs don’t need much standing water to hatch, so everything from your flower pots to a tire swing can be the perfect breeding ground. But one of the most common sources you’ll find at the cottage can be your grill cover, which can collect rain in its folds. The same goes for any other tarps draped over your cottage toys. And after a downpour, be sure to remove the water from the bucket of sand you keep near your firepit.

Gardening debris

Grass clippings aren’t a factor at most cottages, but thick brush, raked leaves, and even bundles of fallen branches can be a favourite hangout for mosquitoes. We’d never recommend that you weed-whack the woods, but after any cleanup, be sure to deal with piles of debris before rain arrives.

Full eavestroughs

Unless you do it during a particularly dry week, cleaning your home’s eavestroughs is a messy, annoying chore—especially when you have to do it all over again during a too-short cottage weekend. But it’s essential to stay on top of de-gunking your cottage eaves during the summer, as they’re more prone to clogs from fallen leaves and twigs. Clogged eavestroughs can be a common nursery for mosquito larvae, so be sure to keep them flowing.

Compost piles

Unless you’re lucky enough to live at your cottage, a simple-to-maintain compost heap is your best bet for nourishing your soil and discarding plant food waste—not to mention spying cute critters at the pile. But a wide-open compost pile can also be a great breeding ground for mosquitoes. To keep them away from the dock, deck, or anywhere else you spend time outdoors, situate your compost a bit deeper in the woods—even if it means hiking a bit farther to pitch Saturday morning’s eggshells.

Windless areas

The lake breeze is one of the best things about being at the cottage, but if your favourite reading chair happens to sit in an outdoor nook that’s sheltered from wind, you might wonder why you’re getting so many bug bites while devouring the latest mystery. Mosquitoes are notoriously weak flyers—a breeze of more than 15 km/h gives them trouble—so a little wind goes a long way for keeping them at bay. An outdoor fan can help, but a Thermacell Mosquito Repeller will be far more effective at keeping mosquitoes from reading over your shoulder.

Spot’s water dish

The next time you’re lying in your cottage bed, listening to the maddening din of a mosquito above your head, consider that the bowl outside your deck door may have been the beacon that brought it indoors. And while you obviously can’t deny a thirsty dog a drink during the summer, be sure not to leave bowls outside on your deck when you and your pup head in for the night.


Want to enjoy more of your time outdoors at your cottage? A Thermacell Mosquito Repeller can create a mosquito-free radius for you and your family at the push of a button.