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5 things that make cottage road trips easy in an EV

Every cottage season, commuters are greeted with the same question when they arrive at the lake: how was the drive? As much as we love our time up north, too often we dread the cottage commute. The latest generation of electric vehicles (EVs) have features that can make us fall back in love with the drive to the cottage and beyond. Kia’s all-electric EV6 is the perfect example with its exceptional range, advanced technology, and ultimate comfort.

To showcase its capability, Kia Ambassador Anupa King, also known as @denupzter, and her family recently hit the road to beautiful Ontario cottage country to see how the EV6 fares on long routes. With up to 499km* of fully electric range, fast charging capabilities, and a spacious and comfortable interior, the EV6 makes zero-emissions road trips in Canada a convenient, eco-friendly experience. We followed their journey, paying close attention to the following five reasons why the EV6 is the perfect vehicle to get you to the cottage. 

Exceptional range for cottage commutes

Anyone who’s embarked on a Canadian road trip knows that our country’s endless roads weave through some of the world’s most incredible nature—and Ontario is no exception, as Anupa and her family found when they drove from Burlington, ON, to a cottage in Hawkestone. For would-be EV drivers, those long stretches between towns used to be intimidating, but Kia’s EV6 puts those concerns to rest with an electric range of up to 499 km.* That means most of your stops will be to grab a Double Double or capture a photo from your favourite lookout point—not to fill up your tank. The EV6 also features regenerative braking, meaning every time you brake in stop-and-go traffic or coast downhill, you’ll regenerate battery power, providing you with even greater range. Plus, when you’re idling in traffic, you won’t be consuming any additional battery power or range!

Fast-charging for less stress

“With an endless selection of chargers along our route and regenerative breaking during the inevitable weekend traffic, we never had to worry about range with the EV6. It was a huge relief when travelling with the family.” -Anupa King

Every moment counts at the cottage, so the last thing you want is to delay your weekend by waiting for a full charge. The Kia EV6 can charge 100km of range* in less than four and a half minutes on a Level 3 charger, meaning you can spend more time sitting lakeside. Certain Level 3 chargers also allow for 10 to 80 percent of a full charge in less than 18 minutes thanks to Kia’s 800V architecture. Plus, with a Level 2 charger installed at your home or cottage, your overnight charging routine will be as simple as plugging in your phone before bed.

More space for passengers and cargo

With food, supplies, and other cottage essentials to pack every weekend, playing “trunk Tetris” is a common headache among cottagers. But with an electric battery that allows for a flat floor, cargo and interior space take a front seat. That means not only are the driving dynamics top-tier, but you’ll have more room for your legs and luggage than you’re used to. The EV6 boasts 690 litres of trunk space, so Anupa and her family had more than enough room for all their cottage essentials. And if you’re used to filling your car with more than five passengers, Kia’s first three-row electric SUV, the 2024 EV9, will give bigger groups all the space they need when it lands in Canada later this year.

 External power sources for all your gear

We never know when we’ll need the convenience of a little extra power. Anupa took advantage of the EV6’s vehicle-to-load (V2L) feature to inflate a floating flamingo for her kids to play with on Lake Simcoe. The technology allows you to use the vehicle’s battery as a power source. Beyond the battery-powered tools and cottage toys, we also need to charge personal devices like tablets, and phones to keep us connected in remote locations. With up to 1900 watts of AC power for whatever your cottage or campsite requires, the EV6 will keep you charged.

 A safer drive to the cottage

We all crave that final-stretch moment when we turn onto the winding gravel road leading to the cottage. But until we hear the gravel beneath our tires, the Friday-evening drive out of the city can be a stress fest. To keep you and your family safe during the cottage commute, the EV6 is brimming with highway-safety features like Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist, which displays a video of your blindspots in the cluster when you indicate a lane change, and Highway Driving Assist, which can assist with steering, acceleration, and deceleration on major highways. And if you’re heading to cottage country late at night, the EV6’s Driver Attention Warning can alert you when it senses that your attention is waning.

 From water activities on the lake to scenic cottage-country towns, follow Anupa King’s ultimate summer EV6 adventure and learn about the ample amount of EV charging stations by visiting kia.ca/en/vehicles/evroadtrip.

*All electric range varies by trim level