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5 reasons why the Vosker V150 outdoor camera is perfect for your cottage

We all want to stay connected to the cottage at all times, but a cottage property presents unique challenges for surveillance. Burying or hanging wires is usually out of the question, power isn’t always available where you need it, and Canadian weather rarely cooperates. 

But an ideal cottage-monitoring system, like the Vosker V150 outdoor security camera, meets those challenges head-on. Because it’s 100% wireless and portable, you can position it wherever you need it, whether it’s at the shoreline or in your boathouse. And thanks to its LTE-based cellular setup, you never have to worry about a Wi-Fi connection. Its solar panel helps sustain the battery when it’s sunny, and its 10,000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery means you won’t miss any updates. Speaking of which, Vosker’s smartphone app notifies you whenever something’s up at your cottage, so you’ll always be in the know.

But surveillance means so much more than keeping your property safe and secure. With the Vosker V150, you’ll create a deeper connection to your happy place by getting updates about five other key cottage occurrences. 

Catching candid moments

We may pack carefully and plan for a great cottage weekend, but we all know the best cottage experiences are unscripted. Whether it’s a brilliant sunset, a chance wildlife encounter, or an impromptu marriage proposal on the dock, we can’t always count on having our smartphone cameras handy—especially at the cottage—to capture the moment. But with its 90-foot range, the Vosker V150 surveillance camera lets you store those moments and access just the right image through its app.

Seeing what happens at night

A moonlight cottage stroll during a July weekend is a lovely idea—in theory, anyway. But in practice, it’s a surefire way to become a buffet for the swarms of mosquitoes that thicken when the sun sets. Which means we don’t get to see much of Cottage Life after dark unless we stay close to the campfire, cloaked in repellant. A night-vision-equipped motion camera like the Vosker V150 gives you a deeper sense of the dark, starry nights in cottage country—without having to brave the bugs.   

Surprise weather

Water is relentless, and the same forces of freezing, melting, expanding, and contracting that shaped the cottage-country landscape can destroy your dock. By keeping an eye on lake levels and flash freezes, you’ll have a better chance of protecting your dock against the elements. And the perfect way to monitor those hectic moments is with a weather-resistant camera like the Vosker V150, which is built for the worst of Canadian winters.

Fallen trees and limbs

If a tree falls on your cottage, does anybody hear it? Not if you’re back in the city. But you’ll certainly be notified thanks to the Vosker V150’s motion detection. And since a damaged roof is a disaster that requires immediate attention, you definitely don’t want to wait a week—or a season—to arrive late on a Friday and discover it.

Nosey neighbours

It’s tough to keep track of what tools you left in your cottage shed and which ones you schlepped back to the city at the end of summer—especially if your year-round cottage neighbours keep “borrowing” them when you’re not around. Not only does a motion-activated cottage surveillance camera let you know who’s treating your tool shed like a public library, but it also keeps you posted on who’s coming onto your property to poke around when you’re not there. After all, the cottage is all about privacy.

Want to keep an eye on your cottage when you’re not there? Learn more about the Vosker V150 outdoor security camera.