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5 reasons why every cottager should boost their cellular reception

Cottagers are a pretty lucky bunch. With homes in the city and getaways at the lake, what more could we possibly want? But if there’s one desire we hear about constantly—whether it’s from readers at the Cottage Life Show or letters in our mailbag—it’s that we all want more time at the cottage.

The only problem is, the remote locations we love make it hard to stay connected to the rest of the world. Which is why “more time at the cottage” has often been a pipe dream.

Until now, that is. Because with Canadian-made Cellular Signal Boosters from Smoothtalker for your remote home, cottage, boat, or vehicle, you can stay connected no matter where you spend your weekends. And there are five reasons why that reliable connection is especially crucial for cottagers. 

Staying safe at the lake 

From arriving and finding a kicked-in cottage door to experiencing unexpected health hazards, plenty can go wrong during an otherwise perfect weekend at the lake. We all want to have a clear connection to healthcare, and that’s especially true for those of us who hope to spend more time at the cottage as we age. With a clear, reliable connection supported by the Smoothtalker Stealth X6 home and building Cellular Signal Booster, you’ll never have to worry whether help will arrive when you need it—or whether you can quickly reach a loved one in an emergency situation.

Spending more time in the wild 

Many Canadians have recently discovered that a lot of work can be accomplished at home. But without a strong, reliable cellular connection, the same can’t be said of the cottage. Smoothtalker’s Stealth X6 Cellular Signal Booster gives you a fast, reliable signal that turns your phone into a connected hotspot for as much online productivity as you need, opening the doors for weekdays up north, and giving you the ultimate lake-view backdrop for your video meetings.

Buying in less-congested areas 

With more and more Canadians migrating to cottage country in our post-pandemic world, vacation properties are getting harder to find and more expensive to purchase. But with stronger, more reliable cellular reception from a device like Smoothtalker’s Stealth X6, you can look at distant locations in your search for your dream cottage. And even though more remote locations might mean a longer cottage commute, the ability to be productive and stay in touch once you’re there means your weekends can stretch into the week without any balls—or calls—being dropped. 

Monitoring your cottage when you’re not there 

We might love the idea of roughing it in a rustic A-frame, but for those of us who’ve added smart devices to our vacation properties, it’s hard to give up the comfort and security they offer. From monitoring your cottage throughout the winter and granting remote access to your guests to keeping an eye on your finicky water systems, a connected cottage is a blessing—so long as it stays connected. Thankfully, the Smoothtalker Stealth X6 home and building booster keeps all your devices online and in use.

Venturing out on the open road (and water)

Recreational vehicles have come a long way in recent years, so if you love spending your downtime on the open road, you’ve likely acclimated to a lot of amenities, from modern kitchens to app-based smart controls. But to be truly safe and comfortable in remote areas—and to take advantage of smart-control features—you need a solid smartphone connection. Even if you’re 50 kilometers from the nearest tower, the Smarthome RV X6 Xtube PRO offers reliable coverage throughout your entire RV for as many guests as you can bring along for the fun. And if your adventures take you out on the water, the Smoothtalker Marine Booster is the perfect way to stay connected and safe. In fact, it’s so reliable that the Canadian Coast Guard uses it in their vessels. 

Ready for a strong, reliable connection? 

Get started with the right signal booster for your cottage by following these three simple steps:

 1) Decide how you plan to use your connection, whether it’s for your cottage, recreational vehicle, or boat. Then determine how much connectivity you’ll need for you, your family, and your guests. 

2) Get a free home site review from the Smoothtalker team to learn which booster best suits your needs at the cottage. 

3) Install and enjoy! All Smoothtalker devices are sold as complete kits, so you’ll have everything you need to create a reliable connection at your cottage. And should you encounter any questions during setup, the Smoothtalker team is just a call away.