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5 reasons an area mosquito repellent should be at the top of your packing list

In more than three decades of summers at the lake, we’ve tried pretty much everything to keep mosquitoes from ruining our weekends. And while we love all things rustic, we’ll happily embrace a bit of technology if it means we won’t be itching like mad on the drive home after a weekend in the woods.

If you’re doing something stationary at the cottage, like fishing or enjoying the patio, an area mosquito repellent like the Thermacell Rechargeable Mosquito Repellent is the perfect way to avoid bites. Here are five reasons why Thermacell products like the compact yet powerful E55 should be a mainstay on your cottage packing list as you plan your upcoming summer.

It creates a zone big enough for your entire family

For parents, there’s already too much “prep” involved in simply going outside. Sunscreen needs to be applied, snacks need to be packed, and during mosquito season at the cottage, some kind of repellent is a must. When you’re at the cottage, one less step between you and the outdoors is always a win, so if you’re hanging out with your family on your deck or by the campfire, you can skip one of those steps with a spatial repellent. Thermacell’s E-Series repeller creates a powerful, scent-free mosquito protection zone to keep you and your companions off the mosquito menu. And if you place it near the sliding doors for an outdoor dinner, you’ll have an easier time carrying your dishes out without letting the mosquitoes in.

It doesn’t require any sticky or oily on-skin application 

Humid summers in cottage country create a contradiction, especially in a cottage without AC. On the one hand, you want to wear as little as possible to beat the heat. And on the other, you want to layer up to protect yourself from peckish mosquitoes. If you’ve struggled to find a repellent that doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily, but you also balk at the thought of dressing like a beekeeper, a spatial repellent can help you ditch your sleeves and keep your cool without the mess.

There’s no odour and no smoke

A weekend at the cottage is a feast for the senses, and your sense of smell gets the seat of honour. Whether it’s the mist rolling off the early-morning lake, the scent of conifers after a light rainfall, or steak sizzling on the grill, there are so many wonderful smells to embrace at the lake. So why mask them with a citronella candle or torch in hopes of not getting bitten? The E-Series  Rechargeable is smokeless and odourless, so you can enjoy the subtle scents of the cottage. And because there’s no flame, you won’t have to worry about the hazards of leaving it unattended.

It’s compact, lightweight, and flight-friendly

Even if you’ve mastered the art of “trunk Tetris” when packing for the cottage, every square inch of storage counts. Especially since you’ll be stopping at your go-to small-town grocer on the way. A spatial repellent might sound bulky, but it weighs just 0.8 lb., making it compact for travelling—or even for your carry-on if you’re getting on a plane. Its small size also means that it can be a nondescript centrepiece on your outdoor table without becoming the centre of attention.

Its rechargeable battery and long-lasting cartridge mean you’ll always be ready

Speaking of packing, since batteries are easy to forget in the midst of a long-weekend rush, you’ll want to choose a spatial repellent that’s rechargeable, so you never have to head back to town for a package of AAs. With five and a half hours per charge, the E-Series gives you plenty of time protected from mosquitoes between charges, and a single refill cartridge can last up to 40 hours.

Ready to kick mosquitoes out of your perfect summer? Find the Thermacell E-Series Rechargeable E55 at Canadian Tire.