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5 benefits of installing a smart thermostat in your home or cottage

Smart thermostat for electric heating Photo by Nina Malyna / Shutterstock

Smart thermostats are more popular than ever, and we can understand why. Not only are they a great way to regulate (and automate) the comfort of your house or cottage, but their versatility can also have huge financial implications. With the right settings, you can limit the amount of wasted energy on your property. But until recently, most smart thermostats have typically worked only with central heating systems. If your property is warmed by high voltage heating, like baseboard heaters or forced-fan heaters—a common situation in ductless winterized cottages—it was easy to feel left behind by the smart-home movement.

That’s where Mysa comes in. The first smart thermostat designed exclusively for use with electric heating systems, Mysa has homeowners and cottagers excited. Here are just a few of the many reasons why.

You can change the temperature, wherever you are

Even if you’re trekking between your home and your cottage less as the weather turns cold, a smart thermostat can ensure that you’re never walking into an icebox. Smart thermostats make it possible to control your heating system from anywhere thanks to their connected Android and iOS apps. That means you can easily warm up your winterized cottage for your arrival, or make your home living room nice and toasty after the drive back home.

Be precise and get rid of the guesswork

It can be tricky to know exactly how warm a room is when you use electric heat. Baseboard heaters—especially older models—often rely on dials that can be unclear and imprecise. But thanks to smart thermostats, you no longer have to guess how warm a “six” is. Mysa pairs perfectly with one of the biggest perks of electric heating, and improves upon it; not only are you able to individually zone rooms and areas in your house, but by giving the user precise temperature readings, smart thermostats take the guesswork out of heating your space.

Set a schedule

Like to keep your room a little cooler at night? Want to walk into a warm bathroom when you wake up? Smart thermostats want to work for you, and because they can integrate seamlessly into your daily routine, it’s never been less complicated to have your home heated to your schedule. Using Mysa’s app, you can set it and forget it, scheduling around movie nights, bedtimes, or weekly game nights. If you’re sick of shelling out to heat rooms while you’re at work, you can schedule around your day-to-day routine and set your thermostat to conserve energy during the day and warm up just before you get home.

Control it with your voice

Like seemingly everything else these days, smart thermostats can also operate relatively hands-free thanks to their integration into larger smart-home systems. Whether you’ve committed to Apple, Amazon, or Google’s ecosystems, Mysa works with them all, meaning that tweaking the temperature is as simple as saying it out loud. If you’re sitting down with a good book, the ability to simply say “turn the temperature down two degrees” is a game changer.

See your savings

Heating your home or cottage isn’t cheap, and a smart thermostat won’t necessarily change that, at least not directly. But because it’s easier to set a schedule, you’ll save on energy. Even a one-degree reduction at night can cause heating bills to be lower by two percent. And because you can monitor your system remotely, you can turn off the heat completely (a feature unique to Mysa) when you’re not there and temperatures are above zero, leading to greater energy savings than if you simply set your heat to low.

A smart thermostat will also track and analyze how you’re heating your home and find waste, in turn lessening the burden on your wallet and saving you money on your electricity bill. Mysa’s app charts your energy use over time, making it easier to spot inefficiencies in your home heating system. Maybe you’ve got a drafty room you didn’t know about. Or maybe you’ve been paying to heat a room you never use. Mysa will find these hitches and help you fix them. There are larger implications, too; the less energy you use, the better off the planet is.