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4 tools that simplify winter maintenance at the cottage

Whether you’re snuggling up in a winterized cottage or waiting out the winter back in the city, certain tools make a Canadian winter easier to manage—especially once the snow starts falling. For projects that just can’t wait, the entire platform of Greenworks tools lets you cut tasks down to size with a single, long-lasting lithium-ion battery that’s easy to bring back and forth from the lake. And with the following four tools to help you get through winter, it’ll feel like spring again before you know it.

Snow thrower

Want to hear a cottager laugh? Complain about the snow in Southern Ontario. Serious snowfall requires serious tools, and unless you’d rather be shovelling the driveway than sipping coffee by the fire, the 80V 20″ Brushless Snow Thrower from Greenworks is one of the best ways to get the job done. Powered by an 80-volt max Li-ion battery, it saves you from the fumes and noise of a gas-powered engine while giving you all the power you need to keep your cottage accessible all winter long. Its dual LEDs let you clear snow at night, and its foldable portability make it easy to bring next door and be a cottage-community hero.

Snow shovel

Enjoying a milder winter? A battery-powered snow shovel is a quieter, simpler way to clear away smaller snow coverings and more narrow passageways, especially cottage walkways and decks. The 60V 12″ Snow Shovel from Greenworks features quiet operation that won’t rile up your neighbours during early-morning snow clearing, and its light weight and portability make it easy to use anywhere on your property. And if you partake in the great Canadian pastime of backyard rink building, it’s the next best thing to owning a personal Zamboni for keeping your surface skate-ready. 

LED work light

We’ve had decades to get used to it, but it still comes as a shock every winter when the sun starts setting before dinner. For projects that aren’t quite done by dark, Greenworks’ 24V AC/DC 2000-Lumen LED Work Light brightens up your workspace with up to nine hours of run time. Its rugged frame with an easy-grip handle and 360-degree rotating head mean you’ll always have light where you need it, especially during winter storms when your unpredictable cottage power cuts out.

Air compressor

Our parents used to brag that they had to walk miles to school, uphill both ways, but we’ve got a much better sob story for our kids: that time we had to blow up an inflatable camping mattress using only the foot pump. Save yourself the repetitive-strain injuries and embrace the endless array of cottage uses for the Greenworks 24V Portable Air Compressor, which can be used corded or with a battery to go wherever you need it. Year-round, it can be used for everything from inflating bike tires and boat toys to powering pneumatic tools like air nailers and staplers. But during the winter months, it’s perfect for keeping your snow tires safely inflated and blowing up inflatable tobogganing toys. You’ll be astonished at what you can accomplish—and how quickly the job gets done—with an air compressor on hand. Perhaps more than any other cottage tool, it tops the “how did we ever live without this thing?” category.

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