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4 of our favourite tools for fall cottage cleanup

Summers are spectacular in cottage country, but for a lot of cottagers, fall is secretly our favourite season. The black flies and mosquitoes aren’t biting, the commute is less congested, and we finally have a chance to break out our cozy fall sweaters and wool blankets. But while we wish we could spend our autumn weekends at the lake hiking, napping, and soaking in the peace and quiet, there’s work to be done before another Canadian winter arrives. Luckily, the full suite of battery-powered tools from Greenworks cuts those tasks down to size. And since the whole platform works with a single, long-lasting lithium-ion battery, you’ll always be ready to roll up your sleeves, get the job done, and earn that afternoon nap.

To help you shorten your outdoor chore list for the shorter days ahead, here are four of our favourite battery-powered fall-cleanup tools from Greenworks.

Leaf blower

We all love the fall leaves—until they actually fall. And while dead leaves are chock full of nutrients for the rest of the forest, they’re not so great elsewhere on our properties. Back home in the city, a heavy leaf cover left through the winter can kill your lawn come spring. And at the cottage, they can stain your deck, contribute to water buildup around the base of your walls, and become a haven for pests. They can also make surfaces extra slippery, especially on your deck and dock. For quick cleanup, the Brushless Blower / Leaf Vacuum from Greenworks uses a long-lasting 40V battery to clear leaves and other damaging debris from anywhere they aren’t welcome.


A chainsaw is one of those tools that many cottagers don’t realize they need until they finally use one. They quickly become indispensable for rural property owners, as few other tools are so good at turning big jobs into quick tasks. Not only do they make short work of fallen trees and limbs, but you can also use them to prune branches that grow too close to your cottage, remove small trees, and cut trip-hazard stumps down to size. While many DIYers steer clear of the intimidating hassle of gas-powered chainsaws, a small electric chainsaw will cover you for most cottage uses. But why weave an unwieldy extension cord around your rocks, roots, and trees when the 18” Brushless Chainsaw from Greenworks gets the job done with a 60V lithium-ion battery that cuts through anything your cottage requires?

Pole saw

Much like a chainsaw, a pole saw is one of those cottage tools that makes perfect sense on a cottage or rural property. At the cottage, we’re dealing with mature and unwieldy trees, not tiny shrubs like back in the city. And since climbing a ladder with a chainsaw is a task best left to pro arborists with proper training, a pole saw gives you reach without the risk. With its 80V battery, the 10″ Pole Saw from Greenworks boasts more than enough torque for tough cottage tasks—all without steadying a ladder on unstable ground. 

Pressure washer

If you still think a glass of wine at sunset is the most satisfying thing you’ll experience at the cottage, you haven’t pressure-washed a deck. Sure, they can refresh deck boards, breathe new life into cottage siding, strip the grime from outdoor furniture, and clean both your boat and your car, but the real joy is in the zen-like sense of achievement that comes from watching dirt vanish with each pass. Don your rubber boots and grip the trigger of the Pro 2300 PSI Brushless Pressure Washer from Greenworks. With its five versatile nozzles and better-than-gas performance, it’ll quickly become your favourite cottage tool. But beware: you may find yourself fighting with your spouse over who gets to clean the patio stones.


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