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4 battery-powered tools that make opening weekend easier

Spring can be conflicting for cottagers. On the one hand, we’ve waited all winter for the sun to shine, the flowers to sprout, and the mercury to poke above 20°C. But on the other, our opening-weekend chore lists get longer every year, and we’re never sure what sort of disaster we’ll discover after a winter away. Throw in some unpredictable weather, and we have a whole lot to accomplish in a long weekend that suddenly doesn’t feel so long.

But with the right tools, your opening-weekend tasks can breeze by. With a battery-powered platform for cottage maintenance, you’ll be able to use the same battery for multiple tools. You’ll also never need to worry about running out of gas on your remote property, nor will you have to weave extension cords around the trees and rocks of an unwieldy landscape. Even better, you can use the same battery for your tools back in the city, so you don’t have to invest twice. That kind of convenience means you’ll be done the work and deep into your next summer read long before the sun starts setting.

To help you ease into opening weekend, we’ve picked four battery-powered tools from Greenworks that will make spring opening a cinch at your cottage.

Pressure washer

With most cottage chores, the satisfaction arrives after the job is done. But with a battery-powered pressure washer from Greenworks, every part of the task is as satisfying as placing the last piece in a rainy-day puzzle. You may even find your cottage crew fighting over who gets to use it first. Cleansing the grime from your deck and dock is a no-brainer—just be careful not to use too high of a pressure, or you’ll strip the stain. And if you’re giving your bunkie a season refresh, pressure washing is the perfect way to strip the old paint away (so long as it’s not lead paint) before you begin. You can also pressure wash your patio furniture and deck chairs to make them look new again, and it’s a handy way to clean your cottage gutters and soffits from the gunk that’s accumulated through the fall and winter. And don’t forget to use it on your ATV or other cottage toys, or to wash away the dirt-road splatters from your vehicle when you’re back in the city.

Wet/dry vac

No one wants to spend extra time cleaning at the cottage, but a dependable battery-powered wet-dry vac from Greenworks can do so much that we consider it an indispensable cottage tool. A mainstay of workshops, they’re the perfect way to clean up sawdust and other small DIY debris after a big project. They’re also great for cleaning out your fireplace or making short work of spilled drinks. And when you arrive after a week away to find a burst pipe, you’ll definitely need a vacuum that can handle liquids.

Jig saw

If you’re going to have one type of battery-powered saw in your cottage workshop, a jig saw’s versatility puts it a cut above the rest. While they’re not ideal for cutting perfectly straight lines, with a bit of practice you can get pretty close. And when you need to carve a curve or cut a larger hole in the middle of plywood, they’re the perfect tool. A battery-powered jig saw from Greenworks can also cut any type of wood at varying levels of thickness, and swapping blades lets you cut other materials, from sheet metal and pipes to ceramic tiles and drywall.

Circular saw

When it’s time to upgrade your workshop with another saw, a circular saw will shore up your versatility by letting you do many things a table saw can do, but with the advantage of portability. That’s a huge plus when you’re working outside in rugged terrain or in an area that’s not large enough for a table or mitre saw—and it’s even more advantageous when you’re using a battery-powered circular saw from Greenworks. Whether you’re breaking down 4′ x 8′ sheets of plywood into manageable pieces, cutting deck boards, or trimming the bottoms off of floor-scraping doors, a circular saw’s flexibility will help you tackle whatever project the weekend brings.

Ready to accomplish more at your cottage? Learn more about the complete suite of Greenworks battery-powered tools.