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You could own one of the ‘Painted Ladies’ in Grimsby

An eclectic group of cottages known as the “Painted Ladies” has attracted a resurgence of attention since one of them was listed for sale. Located at 20 Auditorium Circle in Grimsby, ON, the picturesque property stuns with its bold yellow exterior, purple and turquoise accents, and intricate wood-carved embellishments.

The quaint but vibrant community of Grimsby Beach is made up of historic cottages and long-time homeowners who take pride in the whimsical nature of their properties. The area has a rich history; once a Methodist tent campground in the 1800s, construction of more permanent dwellings began around the 1870s, and many of the original gingerbread-style heritage cottages that still stand today are over one hundred years old. Modern residents began adding their own colourful legacy to the properties around thirty-five years ago, painting the homes in brilliant shades and highlighting their unique architecture. 

Now, a rare opportunity has emerged to own one of the homes, and buyers have jumped on the chance. After just over a week on the market, 20 Auditorium Circle has had more than forty showings, a number that Jeff Smith, the EXP Realty agent who is handling the listing, describes as “quite significant.” 

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The charming home was built around 1900, and is the first “Painted Lady” to become available since the current homeowners purchased the property four years ago in January of 2018, according to Smith. “People don’t really let pieces of history like this—in that specific area—become available for sale too often. That’s definitely one of the many reasons that makes this property unique,” says Smith. 

Listed at $499,999, the 887 sq. ft. one bedroom, one bathroom cottage with an open concept living space will intrigue prospective buyers with its combination of history and quirky character. My assumption is that it’s gonna go well, well over asking,” says Smith.

The cottage boasts vibrant outdoor spaces in both the front and back—perfect for parties and social gatherings, which local resident June Vansickle says occur frequently in the community. June hopes the new homeowners will be “friendly and open,” emphasizing the unique nature of the area’s spirited and artistic residents.

The “Painted Ladies” have drawn tourists to the circle for years, which is something that homeowners such as June enjoy. “We meet a lot of neat people that come to take pictures of the cottages,” explains June, who says the bright colours and history of the houses attract a lot of attention. June’s home sports a pink exterior with magenta, turquoise, and purple accents. 

It’s hard to predict when one of these iconic homes will hit the market again, so interested folks should act fast. As June says, “just come on down. Take pictures!”

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