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Vancouver woman combats rising real estate prices, builds 186-square-foot home

As Vancouver continues to top the list as the most expensive city to buy a house in Canada—the average home price in the city is currently at around $810,600—one intrepid woman decided enough was enough.

Isabella Mori built her own home in the Greater Vancouver Area’s North Shore for less than $40,000. The catch? Her bungalow is just 186-square-feet.

“Trying to buy a place here [in Vancouver] as everyone knows at this point is almost impossible unless you have a very high income,” the 50-year-old woman said in an interview with the CBC.

Mori worked with Camera Buildings, a studio that specializes in designing small, pre-fab spaces, to dream-up her tiny home. Located in an RV park, the bungalow features a kitchen, living area that transforms into a bedroom thanks to multifunctional furnishings, and a compact bathroom.

Dubbed the Thousand Crow, Mori moved into her new home this past November and she already loves the downsized life.

“It’s great…I was waiting to wake up and go, ‘Oh lord, I live in a 186-square-feet space with two cats. What have I done?’ But that just hasn’t happened.”