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This tiny Salt Spring Island home shows that having an affordable yoga retreat is possible

Sometimes you need an escape from the hassles of the day-to-day world (you know, work and money) and yet it’s these very hassles that often prevent us from getting away. After all, having your own private retreat is expensive! That is, unless you build your own portable getaway.

That’s what Rebecca Grim did. A few years ago, Grim, a yoga instructor, found herself facing an ever-more-common conundrum. With real estate prices in B.C. soaring, she found that owning a home was out of her reach. However, she did know friends who owned property on Salt Spring Island, so she created a sketch of a tiny home and enlisted carpenter Rudy Hexter to help her build it.

The result of their hard work is a lovely—and movable—little home that comes in at just 232 square feet. The construction cost $50,000, and now that it’s built, Grim has to spend only $300 a month on living expenses, including the land rental, wifi, and utilities.

“It’s a simple way of living, and it seems that the less space you have, the less stuff you put in to fill it. It’s getting back to what you really need,” Grim told the Huffington Post.

Grim’s minimal lifestyle fits well with her yoga practice, but her tiny house doesn’t mean she has to live a life of total deprivation. Despite its size, her home feels spacious and warm and has lots of great decorative touches. And she’s even had parties where up to 30 people fit comfortably, thanks to her removable porch.

If you’ve ever harboured fantasies of selling all your baggage and moving into a tiny cabin in the woods, this gallery will definitely give you some inspiration. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and simplicity.