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This tiny house is modern, eco-friendly, modular—and made of cardboard

This tiny house designed by Dutch firm Fiction Factory is made out of a very unusual material: cardboard. Called the Wikkelhouse—which is Dutch for “wrapping paper”—the space features layers upon layers of cardboard superglued together to create a sturdy structure. Most surprisingly, however, the architects behind Wikkelhouse predict it will last for some 100 years.

Completely modular, homeowners can design the Wikkelhouse according to their own unique needs, such as adding segments to make the space larger, or installing a full kitchen or bathroom. This adaptability means the Wikkelhouse is equally adept as a weekend retreat, guest house, office space, or even a beachside cottage. And there’s no need to worry about thunderstorms or roving tides turning your home into a soggy mess: the corrugated cardboard is wrapped in a waterproof film and wood panelling that protects it from all weather conditions.