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This tiny guest home is bursting with rustic charm

Once again, the expert architects, carpenters, and designers over at Heritage Restorations have brought new life to a derelict building. This time, however, the company didn’t convert an expansive 2,000-square-foot, timber-framed barn into a family home—the kind of transformations they’re known for—but instead, worked on a much smaller scale. In this reno, they’ve transformed a tiny 336-square-foot space into a beautiful guest house in Waco, Texas, a small city halfway between Austin and Dallas.

Despite the guest house’s tiny footprint, it still manages to feel spacious thanks to an open layout and charming architectural details like a soaring ceilings and a spiral staircase that leads to the loft bedroom. The house feels rustic thanks to the exposed timber frame and salvaged wood flooring, yet is decked out with modern necessities like a fully-equipped kitchen and indoor plumbing.