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This rustic modern barn is the ultimate guesthouse

Most guest rooms are pretty modest in design: a bed, a couple side tables, a dresser, an ensuite bathroom if you’re really lucky. The owners of this guesthouse, however, went above and beyond to make their visitors feel like rural royalty. Located on a beautiful property in Wilson, Wyoming, this guest house features a spacious bedroom, sleek kitchen, fitness room with a gorgeous mountain view, plus a main-floor garage filled with vintage cars, motorcycles and bicycles.

Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects, the 2,400-square-foot guesthouse – or as it’s called by the homeowners, “The Barn” –  is an intriguing mix of modern and rustic, where old barn wood-clad walls provide a backdrop to minimalist light fixtures and contemporary furnishings. Check out these seven photos and prepare to get serious guest envy

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