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This restored 1800s cottage delivers a heavy dose of nostalgia

Cottage restorations often take old buildings and entirely reinvent them, creating ultra-sleek, modern spaces within old-fashioned structures. But that’s not the only way to do things. Some restorations like to emphasize what the original structure got right, maintaining the original style and atmosphere.

This is what designer Ken Fulk did when he bought a Cape Cod cottage that was built in 1880. Instead of gutting the place and filling it with modern furniture, Fulk tastefully restored the home, finding pieces that came from the same era as the cottage and making this waterfront building feel straight out of the Victorian era. The home feels just as luxurious and decadent as any modern building, but with an old-world charm that can’t be replicated.

This cottage is the perfect place to escape the pitfalls of modernity. It is comfortable, serene, and full of non-digital diversions. Take a look at this incredible one-of-a-kind home.