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This renovated California barn is spacious, light, and disaster-proof

This barn began its life as a humble horse stable, but these days it’s making waves as a bright, modern living space. The building was being used as a garage/guest house until recently, when water pipes burst and the space was flooded. Instead of writing the building off, its owners decided to renovate it and bring it into the 21st century.

Part of the updating process meant making sure the structure could withstand future natural disasters. The barn is in Marin County, California, where there is an earthquake risk, so architect Heidi Richardson made sure to retrofit the barn with a seismic upgrade. It was also flood-proofed in case of any future pipe breaks or flash floods. Lastly, the top floor was reorganized into a living space with multiple sleeping areas.

These days, the former stable is a lovely and bright space for humans to relax and enjoy the California weather (sorry horses), and thanks to its careful construction, it’s sure to be around for years to come.