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This post-and-beam cabin proves you can do a lot with a little imagination

Post and beam (a.k.a. timber frame) is a classic mode of cabin construction, using heavy timbers to create a frame for a home. It’s a flexible, logical, and classic architectural technique.

Sam and Monika Petersen have taken this technique and used it to create one of the purest, simplest tiny cabins we’ve ever seen, located near Horsefly Lake, BC. Apparently, the two didn’t have any solid architectural plans when they started construction, but Sam’s experience as a log home builder and Monika’s eye for design resulted in a simple but beautiful woodland escape. The cabin is full of different wood finishes, antique finds, and warm light.

The cabin is small—320 square feet, to be exact—but still manages to fulfill a number of purposes. It’s cozy and functional, with a loft space for sleeping and a surprisingly well-stocked kitchen. There’s electric heating but no running water, and the bathroom is an outdoor outhouse, reinforcing the cabin’s basic message: live simple.

It’s an inspiring space that will probably make you wish you had a pared-down little cabin of your own.