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Enjoy a unique vacation at this old-fashioned fire lookout tower

In the middle of a 40-acre meadow surrounded by the Umpqua National Forest in Douglas County, Oregon, there’s a two-storey tower some 40 feet off the ground. Built in 2009, it was modelled after the fire lookout towers from the early 1900s, when US Forest Service workers lived in the sky-high structures to watch for wildfires. This newest incarnation, however, features a full kitchen, cozy living space, and enough beds for four people. On the main land, there’s a shower, a spring-fed hot tub, vegetable garden, and a fire pit. The best part of the house is the view from the wrap-around deck. During the day, guests can see deer grazing in the meadow or birdwatch with binoculars, and at night, stargaze without the distraction of light pollution.