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This is the best time to book a summer cottage rental

Cabin or cottage for rent illustration isolated on white background Photo by Arend Designs/Shutterstock

It’s not too early to book your summer cottage rental. While you’re stuck in the snowy depths of winter, it may be a good time to consider fantasizing—and planning— your summer cottage getaway. Leave the booking too late, and there’s a high likelihood you’ll be left high and dry when it comes to finding a cottage in a highly competitive marketplace.

According to the rental agency sites, December to February is the ideal time to plan and select your cottage for the summer. While this may seem early, booking agencies are seeing cottages book up incredibly quickly—especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. For one, pandemic fears have driven people to the relative isolation of a cottage, while others who would have normally travelled abroad have had to adjust their plans to vacation more local. People that book later in the spring risk losing out on cottages that meet their must-have checklist and will be left to chance it with last-minute cancellations or a few newly-listed rentals in the spring.

July and August are typically the busiest times to find a rental, as well as long weekends. Booking well in advance is also a good idea if you are looking for a cottage for two or more weeks, as other renters’ reservations for a shorter time period can cut your intended stay short. Also, if you’re looking for a cottage for 10–12 people, reserve early as these places are in high demand and tend to fill up first. The same goes if you’re looking to bring your pet along.

Most booking sites allow you to book well in advance, and most booking sites will give you a full refund for a cancellation if you cancel by a certain date. Of course, if your plans are not quite set in stone, (understandable, if you’re booking 6–8 months in advance) be sure to be clear on the booking site’s cancellation and refund policies before you lock in your rental.

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