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This Canadian beachside cottage is being sold as a “Trump retreat”

The heated political climate in the United States, and the possibility of President Donald Trump, has many Americans threatening to leave the country and move to Canada—and some Canadians are welcoming them with open arms.

One such Canadian is Greg Hemmings, who is taking advantage of the move-to-Canada craze and selling his New Brunswick cottage. He’s calling the cottage a “Trump retreat,” and letting Americans know that they’re welcome to escape their country’s political turmoil and flee to New Brunswick.

The cottage itself is a small, beachside gem, offering a true Maritime experience. It’s 20 minutes outside of the town of Quispamsis, and sits next to the Kennebecasis River. And because community is a vital element of east coast life, Hemmings says that what matters most is that the buyer is a good fit for the neighbourhood. As he told Global News, he’s willing to sell to the right person regardless of political affiliation. “One way or the other doesn’t matter to me, we will welcome you as a ‘Saint Johner.’” Now that’s some classic Canadian hospitality.