A backyard treehouse is transformed into a whimsical guest house

Updated: September 21, 2017

What happens when an artist and an antique window restorer decide they want to build an extra bedroom out of an old treehouse? A beautiful backyard retreat.

Originally, Emily (a painter) and Sloane (the owner of window restoration business, The Standard Sash), wanted to turn the old treehouse on their property into a proper guesthouse. But when they started planning for construction, they realized they’d have to tear down the structure all together. However, building from scratch meant that the couple could design the space exactly how they wanted, which included bright interiors, high ceilings, and plenty of places to display artwork and plants.

Overall, the tiny backyard retreat has a bedroom, living room and study, plus lots of personality. It’s a space that’s fun and comfortable for both kids and adults alike.