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The opposite of hoarding: woman lives in tiny home with only 305 possessions

A decade ago, Dee Williams had a heart attack and was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy, a disease of abnormal heart muscle. After this brush with death, she realized life’s too short to worry about dusting, re-painting, and cleaning extra bedrooms. Determined to live simply, she sold her three-bedroom bungalow in Portland, Ore., built a tiny shack atop a truck trailer, and pared down to the bare-minimum possessions.

Now at 51-years-old, Williams is still living the tiny house dream with a mere 305 possessions. She’s parked permanently in the backyard of her good friends in Olympia, Wash., which means access to a full kitchen and bathroom when need be. Most of the time though, Williams is perfectly content in her small space. Read more about Williams self-sufficient, two-floor home that only takes up 84-square-feet.