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One couple spent one year building this 133-square-foot home

Before embarking on a year-long journey of designing and fabricating their own tiny home, Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller had never built anything before. Yet here they were, about to build a home from scratch. The couple started by researching the tiny home movement and following blogs like Tumbleweed Tiny House, Tiny House Design and Tiny R(e)volution. Then they got to work, scouring salvage yards for recycled materials and relying on the tiny house community for advice. Under a tight budget and tighter time frame (that was eventually extended once they got to work), the couple finally finished the home and towed it to a plot of land in Hartsel, Colorado in 2012. If you want to follow Christopher and Merete’s adventure, from their initial blueprints to the final house, you can watch their documentary, TINY, which they filmed throughout the whole process.