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Muskoka island with five buildings on the market for $32.5M

Fawn Island

Lake: Lake Joseph, Ont.

Bedrooms: 9

Bathrooms: 8

Island size: 2.5 acres

List price: $32,500,000

Date listed: July 1, 2023

About the island

This small private island is only accessible by boat from Stills Bay Landing. It harbours five properties, including four with living accommodations for a total of nine bedrooms. Located in the island’s central lodge is an open-concept kitchen and living room big enough for 100 people, as well as a dining room that seats 25. The second floor of the lodge houses a 625-sq. ft. Muskoka room with stone floors, a 12-person dining room table, and a curved timber ceiling.

The central lodge connects to forested paths that lead to the island’s central play structure and dock.  The Glass House is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright with floor-to-ceiling windows held up by stone columns that provide natural lighting and a beautiful view of the lake from the dining room, living room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Steps from the kitchen is a private stone patio that leads to the shore. 

The west boathouse has a spacious patio for sunbathing, in addition to several docks, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. Its sister boathouse, the east boathouse, is a smaller structure made solely for docking. If you’re instead looking for a blast from the past, the two-storey Canoe house should be your first stop. The original wood structure was built in the 1920s in the classic Muskoka style.