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Live out your log cabin dreams in this idyllic B.C. house

Rarely are log cabins described as “swanky” or “luxurious,” but those are exactly the words we’d use to characterize this grand log mansion. The house, plus 26 surrounding acres, is for sale in Mission, BC—and if you can stomach the price tag, this property easily achieves the status of “dream home.”

The home was originally built in 1981 and was recently renovated by the log house experts at Cascade Handcrafted Log Homes, who constructed a huge, atrium-like living room that looks out on the surrounding woods. The entire home feels open and spacious—a rarity when it comes to structures built from unprocessed logs. The builders avoided letting the space get cramped by using an open-concept layout, along with high ceilings, and plenty of windows. The result is bright, warm, and elegant—a palace of knotty wood.

The home includes three bedrooms, three bathrooms, plus multiple living room and den spaces, and each and every room is an amazing blend of log cabin and elegant manor. With beautiful outdoor spaces and a nearby lake, this property makes home into a getaway. We imagine living here would be like like a summer vacation that never ends.