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Kids rule at this cozy summer cabin

When you think of sleeping quarters at a rustic cabin, you probably imagine bunk beds, rickety floorboards, and mouse-chewed blankets. This cozy retreat turns that image on its head. Located on the Pt. Reyes peninsula along the northern California coast, the 260-square-foot cabin is rustic and cool.

Designed by Richardson Architects, the firm was tasked with creating a space that would accommodate a large group of children that visit every year. It was also important to the homeowners that the cabin suited the pastoral setting and blended in with the other farm buildings on the property. The final result is something that the architects call a “bathhouse”, but it’s so much more than a place to a shower. It features a small kitchen, two twin beds, and a spacious wraparound deck that provides the perfect place for the children to hang out when they want to get some time away from the adults.