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Go off-the-grid at this Galiano Island cabin

The owners of this rustic cabin have just one piece of advice for potential guests: “Only bring people you like.” The cabin is small—one room with a loft bed, tiny kitchen, and a pull-out couch—so it should be shared by those willing to forgo separate bedrooms for the sake of off-the-grid charm. Located on Galiano Island, the least “tame” of B.C.’s Gulf Islands, this cozy retreat offers visitors a chance to see the best of the west coast. You’ll have easy access to hiking trails and be able to go kayaking, swimming, fishing, and whale-watching.

After an action-packed day, the intimate cabin is the perfect place to take a load off and relax around the fire pit or on the covered porch. Without TV or internet (or an indoor bathroom, for that matter), this is the place for urbanites desperate to unplug and commune with mother nature.