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Explore a beautiful straw-bale home in Ontario

In the past few years, we’ve seen countless designers and architects transform dilapidated barn houses into modern family homes, cool Airbnbs, and even wedding venues. And while many of these converted barn houses are located on rural properties, usually the actual pastures are never used for farming again.

This modernized barn house, however, comes with 40 workable acres, 20 acres of permanent pasture, plus a large barn with horse stalls and a chicken coop. Whitefield Farm is located in the heart of cottage and farming country in Lucknow, Ont., which is around two and half hours from Toronto. The farm house itself boasts rustic yet modern interiors with hardwood floors, fibreglass windows and doors, a European wood-fired cooker and a charming mix of recycled and reclaimed materials. The current owners, who are selling the property for 1.1 million, say the space is ideal for an agribusiness venture or a farmer’s market. It’s also perfect for those who want to live self-sufficiently on a beautiful property.

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