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Cottage real estate region: Last Mountain Lake

Pelicans, Franklin gulls and comorant on Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan in the late afternoon light. Photo by Lost Mountain Studio/Shutterstock

Last Mountain Lake is nicknamed locally as Long Lake: stretching a slender 93 km from north to south, it’s the largest natural lake in southern Saskatchewan. The southern tip is only about 40 km northwest of Regina, earning it “beach within reach” status. 

The area features sandy shores, rolling prairie hills, and native vegetation like Saskatoon and chokecherry bushes. Roughly 50 hamlets rim the lake, and a wide variety of road-access cottages are available, from modest lots with small cabins to more expensive four-season getaways. There’s also a decent selection of vacant lots on the lake.

Cottagers love the long prairie summer evenings; the watersports; summer and winter fishing for pike, perch, and walleye; and winter activities such as snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Regina Beach offers grocery stores and once-weekly medical care (the closest hospitals are in Regina). The Last Mountain Lake Bird Sanctuary, the first federal bird sanctuary in North America and a National Historic Site, at the north end of the lake, is home to more than 280 bird species. There are two small provincial parks on the eastern shore.

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