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Cottage real estate region: Cariboo

View of Chilko Lake from Tullin Mountain in the Cariboo, B.C. Photo by Gordon Montgomery/Shutterstock

The Cariboo is cattle country, a landscape of steep, spectacular canyons, stands of pine, aspen, and spruce trees, and grasslands with thousands of small trout-filled lakes. Like the Okanagan, it has a drier climate than the coast. The open rolling countryside is perfect for walking (don’t mind the free-ranging cattle), horseback riding, ATVing, hunting, and a host of winter activities. The lakes are generally clear, with few weeds, and surrounded by Crown land. Lake access roads may be long and rough, but are generally accessible, except in winter.

Small, simple cabins vastly outnumber fancy million-dollar estates. There are also plenty of large acreages for privacy-seekers. Prices vary across the region. While much of the forest land in the interior of B.C. was ravaged by the mountain pine beetle, healthy forests are now regrowing.


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