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Cottage anywhere with this cabin-style trailer

Most outdoor enthusiasts at some point have to make a decision: cabin or camper? Cabins make great homes-away-from-home, but if you’re into a more rugged or varied outdoor experience, an immovable cabin might not be the right fit. Camper trailers, on the other hand, are generally cheaper and more portable—but they certainly aren’t the most luxurious dwellings.

However, this caravan in the middle of the woods in B.C. offers the best of both worlds—an elegant, comfortable space that can be moved with the help of a truck or tractor. The interior photos of this 160-square-foot trailer look like they must have been lifted from an upscale cabin, but in fact, the interior was custom built with scavenged materials.

The caravan was built on top of a five-ton-truck chassis, which cost $100. From there, fir beams were bolted to the metal frame, and floor joists were nailed on top of the beams. The rest was built from the ground up, with new and repurposed materials and a lot of love.

The only thing missing from this cabin is a bathroom. However, where it’s currently parked, there’s a composting outhouse nearby, as well as an iron-clawed bathtub over a fire pit. It’s rustic, but it gets the job done.

Building a structure from scratch can get expensive, but with DIY savvy and repurposed materials, this project cost a total of $8,000—not a bad price for a cabin you can bring camping with you.