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B.C.’s Cob Cottage named Canada’s most sought-after Airbnb listing

Cob Cottage Photo courtesy of Alexis Borsboom/Suzanne Rushton/Airbnb

Canada’s most “wished-for” property on Airbnb is an unique and charming cottage tucked away in the Gulf Islands.

The clay home is called Cob Cottage and is located on Mayne Island. It was built with a mixture of clay, sand, and straw — much of which came from the island itself.

Owner Alexis Borsboom and her husband lived in the cottage for six months before they began renting it out. Now, four years later, they’re thrilled they’ve been able to share it with so many people.

“This cottage was built with strong environmental awareness and principles, driftwood and clay from the island and lots and lots of love,” Borsboom told Global News.

The cottage’s owners are thrilled it’s so popular partly because its environmentally-conscious construction is so important to them.

“We hope to inspire others to explore traditional building materials and techniques and the beauty of creating a space that is a joy to be in.”

So far, Cob Cottage has hosted hundreds of visitors. The cottage is so popular it’s already booked for all of summer 2018 and most weekends for the next year and a half.

The home, which sleeps two, earned the title of “most-wished for” listing because it was on so many Airbnb users’ wish lists.

Beyond being a one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly home, Borsboom thinks its unique setting is what helped make it such a desirable vacation spot.

“The Southern Gulf Islands are settings without compare — full of natural wonders, friendly and creative people and unique experiences. Plus, you can’t beat the views from the ferry.”

We can’t say we’re surprised that a spot like this was Canada’s most appealing rental in 2017. After all, there’s nothing better than spending a weekend at the cottage.

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