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An Airstream trailer is transformed into a tiny, retro guesthouse

Since it was first designed in 1936 by lawyer-turned-entrepreneur Wally Byam, the Airstream trailer has become an American icon (and the unofficial mascot of luxury camping). In the 1970s, the trailer earned the nickname “Silver Bullet” because of its rounded shape and aluminum façade. According to the company, some Airstreams from the 1930s are still on the road—and many of the non-roadworthy ones have been put to other uses.

Erin and Travis are a couple from New Orleans who decided to transform an old Silver Bullet into a backyard guesthouse. Built in 1979, the Airstream has been completely refurbished and is now outfitted with a large bed, fully-equipped kitchen, and a gorgeous bathroom complete with a freestanding tub. Now that it’s been completely renovated, the Airstream has a new lease on life.