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Add this cabin deep in a redwood forest to your must-visit list

Nestled deep in the California forest and surrounded by gorgeous redwoods, the Owl Tree cabin is the perfect place to get away without completely leaving civilization. Although there are no neighbours in sight, the cabin is located 20 kilometres away from the charming village of Mendocino and Anderson Valley wine country. And although wining and dining is nearby, most visitors to Owl Tree use it as an escape, where they can hike around the beautiful property, dine on the spacious balcony and pursue artistic pursuits, or cosy up next to the wood stove. The Pacific Ocean is just five kilometres away, too.

The owners of this Airbnb, which is available to rent year-round, sum up the kind of people who will love Owl Tree: “If you love Las Vegas, you most likely would not like it here. We look forward to sharing this retreat with those who seek harmony and proximity to nature’s moods.” Is it too early to book a summer vacation to the Californian coast?

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