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A 1930s cottage gets two seamless additions

We’ve covered plenty of overhauls, additions, and down-to-the-studs renovations of old cottages, but this remote cottage in Sweden is one of the most seamless transformations we’ve ever seen. Originally, the 1930s-era getaway consisted just of the middle section, had no running water, and no electricity. In 1975, additions were built on either side of the original structure, which nearly doubled the square-footage. Then a few years ago, solar panels were installed and the cottage gained electrical power.

Yet despite these changes over the decades, the interiors of the house feel completely coherent. Tucked away in one of the new wings, the kitchen flows into the main living area, which leads to two bedrooms in the other addition. There’s also a newly built guest house on the property, where there is a bunk bed and the property’s only bathroom. And while traveling to the guest house might seem like a nuisance, another bathroom could always be added to the original home. If there’s one thing this charming cottage can handle, it’s thoughtful renovations.