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5 ways to make your cottage rental property stand out

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Renting out your cottage on popular rental websites can be a bit overwhelming with the amount of listings that are available. If you feel that your listing is getting lost in the mix, here are some tips to help make sure your listing shines. 

1. Highlight your cottage’s main selling feature in the listing’s feature image

By highlighting your cottage’s “wow” factor right up front, you’ll greatly increase your chances of having a potential renter click on it amidst all the other listings mixed in with yours. This is your first opportunity to show the potential renter what your property has to offer. For example, if you have a beautiful view on a great lake, show that with a dock picture. If the privacy and serenity of your cottage is what you want to highlight, a picture showing the property surrounded by greenery and foliage will help to convey that. Because your listing’s feature image is the first image that the renter sees of your property, this first impression is extremely important.

2. Let your visuals do (most of) the talking

The photos for your rental listing are extra important on the main listing page. It’s here, after clicking on your listing, that the potential renter will browse and see more of your property in an effort to decide whether they want to book your property or not. The quality and types of photos that you use here are very important. If you want to show the renter how bright and sunny your property is, dark and blurry photos definitely won’t convey that. If hiring a professional to take photos of your property is not within your budget, reaching out to a friend or family member more familiar with photography is a great alternative. Remember: you can be offering a beautiful property for a reasonable price, but if your photos don’t tell the right story, then your chances of renting will be slimmer.

3. Include keywords in your listing

When it comes to finding a rental property, everyone will have an idea of what they’re looking for and will scan for specific words. Therefore, using keywords in your listing is another great way to help your property stand out. Just like the images you choose, keywords are also used to relay information to the potential renter, and the keywords should be specific to the property. These keywords can be anything from “waterfront/lakefront,” to “affordable” and “spacious.” Some keywords work better than others, so make sure to switch them up or try new ones if you feel like they aren’t working.

4. Sell your surroundings

Providing information about the vicinity of your property is another great detail to add to your rental listing. If renters are unfamiliar with your property and the surrounding areas, providing a list of available resources will be extremely helpful for them. This can include details such as nearby grocery stores, restaurants, various activities, or even what major road/highway your property is located near. Many rental properties don’t necessarily include this type of information in their listings and renters don’t like to do too much guesswork when they’re trying to plan their vacation. By providing details like this, not only will you stand apart from the ones that don’t, but it will make the renter more confident and quicker in their booking decision since they have more information available to them.

5. Maximize the space that you have

Most renters generally have a group with them, so you can greatly increase your chances of booking with the more people that you can comfortably accommodate in your space. Simple ways to maximize your space would be to have multifunctional furnishings like a sofa bed or a round dining room table—as they can fit more people around it than a rectangular table. Another great idea is to diversify the sleeping arrangements. This means that if you have multiple bedrooms, try to fit at least two people in each room and use different size beds to give your renters a variety of sleeping arrangements.

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