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10 wood-burning stoves that will make you want to ditch your furnace

Wood stoves may feel like a holdover from another era, but these days, they’re efficient, clean, and aesthetically pleasing.

The first wood-burning stove was patented in 1557, and it was likely a pretty un-stunning piece of furniture: a big, inefficient iron box. But modern wood stoves come in lots of styles, from glass-fronted cubes to round, futuristic-looking orbs. Some are for heating, and some are for cooking, and some even warm up a household’s water.

Wood-burning stoves have an efficiency of up to 85%—far more than an open fire, which has an efficiency rating of just 25%. Then there are pellet stoves, which burn not firewood but wood pellets, which are a byproduct from sawmills.

There are plenty of beautiful styles, from retro-looking throwbacks to sleek, modernist pieces. Regardless of look, every wood stove just brings a certain charm—and warmth—to a room. Check out our gallery of cool wood stoves and see if you agree.