You’ll love these 19 award-winning nature photos

We never get sick of looking at amazing nature and wildlife photos, and the crop of finalists from the inaugural Nature TTL Photographer of the Year 2020 contest don’t disappoint! Nature TTL is an online resource and community for nature photographers. The contest garnered 7,000 submissions from 117 different countries. Above and below, you can see the winners and honourable mentions from the Wildlife, Landscape, Macro, and Youth Under 16 categories.

The overall winner went to Florian Ledoux’s “Above the Crabeater Seals,” taken in Antarctica.

exhaust plume of a SpaceX rocket lit by slow sun at twilight
Photo by Brandon Yoshizawa

Highly Commended – Landscape
“An incredible display of man and nature. The exhaust plume of a SpaceX rocket is lit by the low sun at twilight. The plume takes on the shape of a flower with the trail almost looking like a broken stem as it shoots out from behind the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains. I couldn’t have asked for a better scene as it shot up over a brilliant display of colourful fall aspens. One of the most incredible things I’ve been able to witness and capture on a camera. This shot is comprised of two exposures: one for the sky and one for the foreground without moving the camera.”
Taken in: USA

aerial shot over a mountain in Iceland
Photo by Dipanjan Pa

Highly Commended – Landscape
“This is a scene very close to one of the popular mountains of Iceland. While flying my drone to the mountain with my drone’s camera pointed downward, I suddenly noticed this beautiful landscape with the blue river perfectly popping against the black sand. The sun peeking through the clouds added more drama to the scene.”
Taken in: Iceland

close up shot of a damselfly, wildlife photography
Photo by Minghui Yuan

Winner – Macro
“I was wearing a piece of waterproof overalls in the stream of Dabie Mountain, waiting to observe this Matrona basilaris (damselfly). Matrona basilaris is the king of the stream here. There is a male Matrona basilaris every 3 meters. They were waiting for the female to fly over its territory; the male chased away a male opponent and then stopped at the tip of the grass. Against the background of the sky, I discovered the connection between the lines of the grass and the subject. Nature itself is a simple painting.”
Taken in: China

a tree dwelling spider camouflaging with a tree
Photo by Caitlin Henderson

Highly Commended – Macro
“The Lichen Huntsman (Pandercetes gracilis) is an incredible species of treedwelling spider from Australia’s tropical north. Its astounding camouflage enables it to blend perfectly with the tree bark and lichens, and is near impossible to spot by day. At night, I went searching for these spiders with a torch, using their reflective eye-shine to discover their hiding places in plain sight.”
Taken in: Australia

collared dove takes a break during heavy snow fall, remote street light
Photo by Terje Kolaas

Highly Commended – Wildlife
“A Collared Dove in a garden in mid-Norway takes a break in feeding during a heavy snow fall. A remote street light in the background creates a halo around the bird. As soon as the snow-fall stops it shakes the snow off its shoulders and goes back to the daily routine with collecting wheat from the nearby fields. Tried many different shutterspeeds to vary the movement of the snow, this one is at 1/40s.”
Taken in: Norway

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