Where to find water level info

I know it’s still only early March, but it’s okay to begin to think about spring, right? You’re envisioning ice-out. You’re starting to anticipate opening up. You’re closing your eyes every once in a while and picturing yourself back in your boat, out on the lake, heading to the cottage for the first time. Admit it: You know you are. But what’s it going to be like this year? What kind of conditions will you encounter when you get there? How much water will there be?

If you want a glimpse into the water-level situation for the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence, with up-to-date data and forecasts for the next six months, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has several services available. The DFO’s Canadian Hydrographic Service, Central and Arctic Region, provides graphs and tables that give hourly measurements and you can get the info online or by phone. So, go ahead, whet your appetite. You know you want to.