What does the lynx say?

The Canada lynx is one of North America’s best-kept secrets. Living mainly in the rugged boreal and tundra regions of the north, these gorgeous, big-pawed felines are highly solitary and extremely wary of human contact.

That’s why it was such a treat to discover that Parks Canada posted a close encounter with a lynx in Manitoba’s Riding Mountain National Park on their Youtube channel. As an added bonus, they also recorded the lynx vocalizing, and it’s not hard to see why the normally silent animals can be shy about their voice.

Far from the penetrating roar of a lion, the lynx emits an almost bird-like squawk. Normally a very stealthy presence in the woods, this lynx was probably trying to find or contact a mate.

Thumbs up to Parks Canada for an incredible video, and a rare glimpse of a Canada Lynx in its natural habitat.